Mera Terah Run 2021 is back. The pandemic, like it has done with so many things in the world, forced us to bring our runs to a grinding halt. Until now. As the country braces itself and soldiers on - double vaccinated and all - we are excited to restart our annual run for a cause with renewed vigour, optimism and hope. In keeping with the spirit of Mera Terah Run - to run, travel and discover new places, help support a cause - the vote has been unanimously in favour of discovering the spectacular Chilika Lake, Odisha.

We have been running, to conserve our forests, save our lakes, help the folks in our villages, to see change - sea change, to get the word out on the marvels of millets, to catch the sights and sounds and flavours of our beautiful land. We have also run to catch our trains, our buses and occasionally…our breath. What a run it has been! And we are in no hurry to stop.

‘Crisis’ is a word that is bandied about with abandon in this age of incessant media /social-media shrillness! Food Crisis, Energy Crisis, Governance Crisis… Water Crisis! Rather than get into a tangle on what actually constitutes a crisis, the Mera Terah Run (MTR) collective annually picks social problems that we recognize as real, and look at a meaningful way of ‘doing something’ about it. In doing this ‘something’, we choose to work with organizations, collectives and volunteers who have invested their time, money, effort and intellect for long periods in attempting to solve these social problems.

Please share widely !! A small booklet with information on many different aspects of millets brought out by Mera Terah Run 2016. Millets are the wonder food. India has always been a millet consuming nation with different varieties of millets growing in rain fed un-irrigated farms across the land. Due to a variety of reasons wheat and paddy rice have become a staple diet for most people and millets have taken a back seat.