Mera Terah Run was started by a group of people with a passion for running, travelling and giving back to the community. Founded in 2014 with the motto of “Run. Rail. Road. Raise”, MTR has supported various causes over the years - running for the empowerment of rural communities in its inaugural run, to creating an awareness of millets, to running for the revival of India's lakes, plogging across heritage sites in India and more.
Juggernaut for a cause
MTR About 2021

19/12-25/12 This year, over 20 runners of the MTR will travel to Chilika Lake in Odisha, the world’s largest brackish water lagoon. The collective will explore this biodiversity hotspot while helping raise funds for the Iksha Foundation through Wildlife for Cancer, a website that raises funds by selling stunning pictures of India’s wildlife for the treatment of children suffering from retinoblastoma - a form of eye cancer.

Running Chilika
MTR Promo Run Bangalore
Wildlife for cancer
Wildlife For Cancer /WFC is a website founded by Ramki Srinivasan - an avid wildlife photographer - with the objective of helping children battling cancer. Through online sales of prints of wildlife photographs, WFC raises funds for the Iksha Foundation, an NGO that supports the treatment of retinoblastoma in young children. WFC also allows the option of donating directly, if you choose not to have the photograph prints. WFC not only helps raise money for the treatment and awareness of this dreaded disease, it is also a wonderful online destination to feast your eyes on the beauty of India’s wilds.
iksha foundation
Retinoblastoma is a form of cancer mostly occurring in young children. Though highly treatable, in developing countries like India, 80% of children affected by it lose their lives. To change this worrisome number, the Iksha Foundation identifies children suffering from this form of cancer and supports their treatment and care. Since its inception in 2010, the organization has provided financial aid to over 180 children, many of whom are now leading normal lives.
Birds of Chilka