All it takes is a little bit o’ faith!

Many of us dream of changing the world. And some go about working on those dreams to bring it to fruition.

Bengaluru Runners with Dr. H. Sudarshan
Bengaluru Runners with Dr. H. Sudarshan

This morning 18th December, circa 2014, a bunch of enthusiasts committed to a cause, assembled at a stadium in Bangalore called the Kanteerava Stadium to flag off Mera Terah RRRun.

It was truly an assemblage of yours, mine and ours. People directly connected to the cause through a common network and those separated by 6 degrees of separation came together to run for a cause. While the moot cause was Rejuvenate India Movement, the 80 odd runners this morning, came armed with a cause each  –  belief, goodness, running, friendship, commitment, fitness, camaraderie, showing solidarity, change, fun – and decided to put their best foot forward.

Dressed in happy yellow tees with the MTR logo and motto emblazoned across their chests, raring to go, with Dr. H. Sudarshan, the eminent social worker who had come down especially to flag off the event, MTR was off to a fantastic start.

Completing the first loop
Completing the first loop

Running in 5 kms loops around the Cubbon Park well before daylight broke, this group of enthusiastic foot soldiers were off, beating to the sound of their own heartbeat as they pounded the road, running for the joy of running and for a cause.

A band of supporters waited behind at the water station, while some others walked, some talked, some ate, some came back with beads of sweat dotting their foreheads after completing 5 k in about 25 mins., some held their specially crafted mementoes awarded by the great man himself, everyone cocooned by warmth bound by a common thread – doing something meaningful.

Day 1 complete. While the world sleeps, the Yatris are slowly stirring, getting ready to pound the earth for a common cause. And there’s the break of a new dawn. Hello Ernakulam.

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