The Yatris in God’s Own Country

Day 2:

The first thing you notice about Cochin after getting down at the Railway station is the humidity,  even at 5 in the morning. We started worrying about hydration. The enerzal packets were emptied into water bottles. The first of the out-stations run of the MeraTerahRRRun looked daunting. We got out of our hotel, a little anxious. That’s when we were welcomed by the Soles of Cochin runners. They had been waiting for us for more than 15 minutes.

After some introductions and exchange of pleasantries, we started our run. 30 runners from the Soles of Cochin  accompanied us and more runners joined along the way. People who were strangers a minute ago became our friends.

The road towards Wellingdon Island was fantastic. Ramesh, Seema and a few other Cochin runners provided us mobile aid stations by running two cars along the course. Our aid station was filled with cold water, enerzal, bananas and oranges and they constantly helped us to replenish. If humidity was a factor, we hardly felt it. Humidity can sap human energy, not the human spirit and our friends in Cochin were truly a spirited bunch.

Our friends gave us a glimpse–historical and geographical– of the city. They literally burnt their soles, as many of them were barefoot runners but their enthusiasm and energy shone thru.  We all finished the run together and had breakfast.

It was hard to bid farewell to our friends. We will no longer relate Cochin with humidity. It is going to be all about friends now onwards. Thank you Soles of Cochin for leaving no stone unturned to give unforgettable running experience- a memory we will cherish for a lifetime.

-Brijesh (from the 22640: Allepey Express, 19-Dec-2014, 8:40 pm)

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