13 x 13 x 13 x 13

13 Half Marathons in 13 different towns in 13 states in 13 consecutive days The Mera Terah Rail-Road-Run began on 18th Dec 2014 in Bengaluru and finished on 30th Dec 2014 in Margao, Goa.

Eight runners and a photographer ran 2022 km, travelled 7000+ kms by 13 trains, covering 13 cities in 13 states, braving temperatures of 7 degrees centigrade and not missing a single city run despite train schedules thrown awry by cold wave conditions in the north of India. The event raised over INR 9.97 lakhs for Rejuvenate India Movement.
Designed by Jagdish, an ultra marathoner from Bengaluru, who decided to marry his childhood fascination for trains with his middle age passion for running, this unique running- cum- fund raising event was a runaway success in more ways than one.

Volunteer-managed, self-sponsored, city expenses sponsored by individuals/ running-clubs/NGOs/travel-agencies, this non-commercial event, connected with the running community across the North and Western states of India as no run has done before and inspired many never-been and novice runners to run.

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