September 12, 2014

Impact Guru is an online fundraising or crowd funding platform that empowers anyone to give to non-profits and social causes in India. Impact Guru is our partner in MTR 2015 to make your contributing experience easier.

All Indian Donors will receive a 80G Certificate for their donation As part of Mera Terah Run 2015, You can contribute to one or more causes of your choice DonateLogo Rejuvenate India Movement (RIM), a network of organizations and individuals who share a goal of catalyzing communities towards sustainable development of their villages. DonateLogo Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra, an environmental conservation NGO in Sahyadris. Your contribution will be utilized to fund their ‘My Jungle’ project. DonateLogo Shaishav, a volunteer based organization in Bhavnagar (Gujarat), committed to the rights of children by means or education and eradication of child labor.

Special Instructions ONLY for Foreign donors who want to avail a tax exemption in their country of residence. USA Based Donors, who want a tax deduction for their donations

  • If donating to Rejuvenate India Movement: Click Here
  • If donating to Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra: Click Here

UK based Donors, who want a tax deduction for their donations

Any trouble while donating, please write to us at  and we’ll get back to you shortly.