Folks moving consumer garbage

August 20, 2018

We have been running, to conserve our forests, save our lakes, help the folks in our villages, to see change - sea change, to get the word out on the marvels of millets, to catch the sights and sounds and flavours of our beautiful land. We have also run to catch our trains, our buses and occasionally…our breath. What a run it has been!

And we are in no hurry to stop.

Now in our 5th year, the Mera Terah Run [MTR] band of runners and do gooders are all geared up for an encore with one small addition - we will also be picking up trash.

Tens of thousands of people crowd the different magnificent heritage sites across India every year to take a part of the country’s glorious, exciting past back with them. But sadly, in return they tend to leave behind signs of their callousness that, in large part, includes mountains of trash, creating not just an eyesore but a serious environmental threat to the site, the surrounding ecosystem that can have dire consequences.

Most of you would have noticed that the significant part of this ubiquitous litter is comprised of used FMCG [fast moving consumer goods] products - wafers, biscuits, soft drink bottles and cans, packaged water bottles, noodles, condiments etc. This report  is a good representation of the looming challenge.

The most consumed [and therefore most littered] brands definitely have the power to sensitise their consumers to prevent them from the pollution they cause by their indiscriminate disposal.

This got us thinking.

Is there a way we can help the brands get this message across more emphatically to their consumers? Is there anything we can do to create awareness among the visitors to be more responsible towards their environment, embracing a more sustainable lifestyle? Is there a way we can support local municipalities and organisations that are already fighting this menace in their own way?

We can. By Plogging.

Plogging is a combination of jogging with picking up littler (Swedish: plocka upp). It started as an organised activity in Sweden around 2016 and spread to other countries in 2018, following increased concern about plastic pollution.


MTR 18 will have yatris plugin across famous heritage sites in India. Irreverantly themed FMCG, this year the yatra is about FOLKS MOVING CONSUMER GARBAGE.