Haridwar Run: 26th Dec ; 9:15 am

December 7, 2014

_TickMark _ The day after Christmas, the MTR Team will run in Haridwar (or the “Gateway of the Gods”),  one of  India’s holiest cities for the Hindus.

Date and Time: December 26, 2014, Friday, 8:00 a.m.
Route: Ranipur More to Pentagon Mall

Flag off by: by Dr. Paran Gowda,  a scientist turned development worker, and current Director Patanjali Bio Research Institute Pvt Ltd Route Map:  **  Click Here for Haridwar Run Route Map Facebook Event Page: City Contacts: Dr. Paran Gowda (e-mail: paran.gowda@gmail.com) City Hosts : Patanjali Bio Research Institute Pvt Ltd This is a self organized run. Jagdish and Vinit will run 21K, Siddharth will run 13 K and Ashwin plans to run 10 K. Each of the other runners can decide the distances you wish to run. There will be no traffic curbs. Runners are requested to take care of their own nutrition needs. Please run with your own bottles. _* The start time is an expected start time and is subject to the arrival of train to Haridwar.**_ Train to the next city: 19032:HW ADI MAIL 26th Dec, 15:10 Next City Run: Jaipur on 27th Dec 2014 at 7:00 a.m.