Mera Terah Run Causes 2015

October 5, 2015

1. Rejuvenate India Movement (RIM)

Rejuvenate India Movement (RIM) is a network of organizations and individuals who share the vision of catalyzing communities towards sustainable development of their villages. Since inception RIM has impacted over 1500 villages. RIM currently works in 100 villages of Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

RIM activities are principally along two distinct axes:

a. Enabling Voluntary Action for Development:

RIM’s work centers around a concept called “Samaj Shilpi”. ‘Samaj Shilpis” are change agents, who work to bring benefits to their own villages and communities and foster a movement towards self-help for sustainable development. Samaj Shilpis facilitate development by assisting communities access schemes, programs and social security benefits. They mobilize communities to demand for what is rightfully theirs. Every Re. 1/- spent on this initiative, has been able to leverage Rs 15/- worth of benefits to the community. The long term goal is to strengthen people’s participation in the Gram Sabhas so that the Gram Panchayat performs not just its administrative functions, but brings about an overall transparent system of governance and implements the several state and centrally sponsored schemes effectively.

b. Sustaining Volunteerism through Micro-Enterprise: Samaj Shilpis who show promise will be developed into social entrepreneurs. The enterprise will be based on available natural resources and markets. The overarching theme would be “appropriate skill development” for promoting micro-enterprises as a tool for economic empowerment of rural and urban poor.

The Mera Terah Run 2015 proposes to raise funds towards both these initiatives.


2. Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra

Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra (SNM) was born in 1992 with an objective of uniting like-minded people to ‘do more than sigh away their pangs of conscience about the rampant abuse of nature’. It has an aim to ‘broaden the vision of nature conservation’ .

In this context it has undertaken projects to identify specific endangered species of wildlife in the Konkan region and to plan and implement programs that rescue and revive these species. These include multiple species of eagles, vultures and marine turtles. Revival and rescue efforts on these are ongoing and require constant volunteering and financial help.

In addition, SNM is now also undertaking efforts to conserve forestland through an innovative new project called ‘My Jungle’. This is to counter the rampant commercial over-exploitation of forest-land, and to preserve the biodiversity of the ecosystem. This project is also in need of public funding.

The Mera Terah Run 2015, will raise funds for the ‘My Jungle’ project.


3. Shaishav

Shaishav works with children and youth, primarily from marginalized communities in Bhavnagar, to enable them to achieve their full potential. They strive to ensure that all children are safe and enjoy their rights and all the joys of childhood equally. Shaishav works with a children’s collective called Balsena and a youth collective called Tarunsena. They facilitate their activities, encourage child-to-child learning, nurture leadership and provide an ambience encouraging all members to express their opinions and take charge of their own lives. They also provide counseling and support to children and families throughout Bhavnagar via the Child Protection Programme.

Shaishav is looking for financial support towards building ‘Area Resource Centers ‘ for youth. The project plans to work with adolescents to sensitize them to relevant child rights issues that inhibit youth potential like child labour, dropping out of school and child marriage. They will also provide age-appropriate training on life-skills, adolescent development, leadership and financial management which are essential prerequisites to successful youth development.

In addition, vocational training will be provided as per the needs identified by these youth. Areas include Administrative Services, Computer Skills and Maintenance and Repair Skills. All youth will receive a recognized qualification from the local university in addition to entrepreneurship and life-skills training which will help them use their skills to acquire better jobs, set up new businesses and contribute to the development of their own communities.

The Mera Terah Run 2015 proposes to raise funds for these Youth Area Resource Centers.