MTR 2017 - Legs for Lakes

August 3, 2017

‘Crisis’ is a word that is bandied about with abandon in this age of incessant media /social-media shrillness! Food Crisis, Energy Crisis, Governance Crisis… Water Crisis!

Rather than get into a tangle on what actually constitutes a crisis, the Mera Terah Run (MTR) collective annually picks social problems that we recognize as real, and look at a meaningful way of ‘doing something’ about it. In doing this ‘something’, we choose to work with organizations, collectives and volunteers who have invested their time, money, effort and intellect for long periods in attempting to solve these social problems.We have seen this having a positive and meaningful impact for the last 3 years.

In this 4th year of our existence, the MTR collective has chosen ‘Lakes’ as a specific theme. We understand that managing our Lakes is an important part of the possible solution to the larger ‘Water Management’ problem of the country! Water Management is of course the cornerstone of the solution to the global ‘Water Crisis’! (Who has not heard that hoary old chestnut, ‘The next war will be fought over water’, even as dozens of conflicts are perennially underway for all kinds of ‘reasons’!)

With the MTR collective being centered in Bengaluru, there is enough and more coverage being given to conserving the lakes that our city was blessed with. We realized that this feature of lakes and tanks is relevant for a large part of plateau-land and we reached out and found a lot of fantastic parallel efforts underway in various states to make Lakes relevant again. MTR 2017 will be working with credible local-groups (individuals and organizations) across the states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala to promote meaningful Lake management.

And as is always the case, central to our whole ethos is our motto of “Rail. Road. Run. Raise”. So join us as we take trains and buses to 7 different centers across 13 consecutive days, and chart run routes of 13(.1) miles every single day (this time along beautiful lakes!) from December 16 to December 28, 2017 to make up ‘Mera Terah Run- Legs for Lakes’.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to a raft of activities in the lead-up to the main run. Come, let us slake the thirst!