The Second Edition

September 21, 2015

Mera Terah Run 2015, the second edition of the run, promises to be even more exciting. Continuing the theme of Rail-Road-Raise Run, the route this time will be along the beautiful West Coast of India. The event will be launched in Bengaluru on 17th December 2015, with a run in Cubbon Park. The journey will start on 18th December 2015 with a run at sunrise at the southern most tip at Kanyakumari on the December 19th and end at Koteshwar, the western most tip on the 30th of December, 2015 with a sunset run. The yatris will run half marathon (13.1 miles) distances in each town for 13 consecutive days and travel from place to place by overnight trains or buses.

The towns along the coast where the yatris will run are:

  1. 19th December:Kanyakumari
  2. 20th December:Allepey
  3. 21st December:Kannur
  4. 22nd December:Kumta
  5. 23rd December:Malwan,
  6. 24th December:Chiplun
  7. 25th December:Alibaug
  8. 26th December:Dandi
  9. 27th December:Bhavnagar
  10. 28th December:Diu
  11. 29th December:Dwaraka
  12. 30th December:Koteshwar/Narayan Sarovar

Fifteen ‘yatris’, comprising working professionals from diverse fields, have signed up for the entire epic journey and several others will be joining them for part of the distance. The ‘yatra’ is self-funded.

The plan is to raise funds for 3 different charities, Rejuvenate India Movement , a pan-India NGO which works in rural areas with an integrated approach, Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra which works on environmental conservation in Sahyadris and Shaishav an NGO in Bhavnagar, Gujarat, that works with children and youth.