MohanThe outdoors has always fascinated me! I don’t mean within the concrete jungle of course; it’s that actual countryside that my country is blessed with abundance!!

Living in a metro comes with a constraint of lack of good lung space; thus was born my need to get out & RUN to experience nature at its best amongst those beautiful mud, tree shadow blessed trails.

Distance running is my interest and endurance building is what I do best; helps me live in the present bringing in clarity that past is done & future is a mirage. Over the past 5 years; running has become an obsession & my passion having been inspired by many & striving to inspire a few!!

I struggle with the opulent practices of the modern world many of which in my opinion aren’t in line with requirements for sustainable living. So how best to make a difference than try to role model sustainable practices and contribute towards raising awareness.

I usually run in GKVK over weekends wherein I’ve met so many wonderful people amongst whom are Jaggi Da & Sindhu who were my motivators to join MTR. Love the concept of working at grassroots level to raise awareness of noble causes and bringing in the much needed change. I look forward to MTR 2017 raising awareness of urban lake rejuvenation! Thank you for having me part of this movement!!