I’m Siddarth Kumar aka Sid. The sensation of running in my life, started way back at my school. I was never a sprinter at tracks nor a field-event sports person. But there was this endurance filled event- “The Long Distance Running”, which I started taking interest in. It all started with the participation in 800m and 1500m runs at school(these were the only long distance runs then) and today I’m a Marathoner. Thanks to my uncle, Rajendar Kumar, for introducing me to marathons.

I’m an Engineer by qualification, self employed as a Service Engineer by profession and Running is the sport of my passion. I love long drives and outings too 😉

Till date I’ve run 20+ runs, consisting of, 10K, 12.5K, 21K, 42K. Now, I run and train with minimal injuries, thanks to The PaceMakers and special thanks to the most inspiring person who has made this possible, my coach Pani Sir.

I always had this dream of doing a Bharath Yatra on Foot, pushing and challenging myself to conquer that ultimate distance. Now, this dream of mine has got the wings to fly with MeraTerahRRRun. And most important of all, the idea of raising funds to support Rejuvenate India Moment (RIM), which supports our fellow Indians in villages to access government schemes, sounds fantastic and its really appreciable

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