Odisa - 2021

2021, we plan to run around Chilka Lake this year in the 3rd week of December

alt Chilka Schedule

The Yatra begins!
Yatris assemble for flights, road trips and train journeys
Touchdown, Bhubaneshwar!
World famous Odisha Rasgullas await!
A 70km drive to our first destination: Mangalajodi
Birds of a Feather
Former poachers share how they’re protecting the birds of Chilika
Mangalajodi: The First Step
MTR’s juggernaut kicks off with our first run
Fishing Felines and Us!
Meet Tiasa and the Fishing Cat Conservation Community
Our second run, this time in a different direction!
Behind the Scenes: Boats
A tête-à-tête with the traditional boat makers in Mangalajodi
Destination Barkul
Our Yatri’s second stop
The third 13km run
Meetup @ Wetland Research Centre
All about Chilika’s ecology, conservation, and biodiversity
Indraprastha: A walk to remember!
Visit Kalijai Temple Island
and walk the Nalbana Bird Sanctuary
Barkul: Run Fourth!
The Juggernaut’s 4th 13km run
Museum Visit
We visit the famed Odiart museum at Narkul
Sails Up!
We set our sights on Rajhans Island!
Rajhans Beach Run
The Juggernaut’s fifth run
Hang with Irrawaddy dolphins at SeaMouth!
Journey to Puri
Our Yatri’s will travel by boat and road
Discover the wonders of Puri
The Finale!
The Juggernaut’s sixth run, along Puri’s coastline
Monumental Moments
Exploring Konark on Christmas Day
Our last evening of the Yatra will be spent on the beach, star gazing
Our juggernaut finally comes to a standstill