1Afroz Kalapahad ,a Software Engineer by profession, he found his passion in distance running. He gives credit for this to his Sainik School Background. He has been a regular participant of the ADHM and SCMM since 2012 . He has completed 27 half Marathons and 5 full Marathons. He has been official pacer for ADHM 2014, New Delhi Marathon 2015 and Pinkathon 2015 . At present he is representing TOMTOM all star team for Bangalore.

He love getting others to start running and been founding member of a group called “United runners” in his office, where there are more than 1000 members in 3 locations at Gurgaon, Hyderabad and Bangalore.

As per him, Enjoying the run is almost as important (If not more) as doing your personal best.