I started running in the beginning of 2014. First it was just to get into better shape and feel good, but when I started running regularly there came with it an urge to run better and faster.

Avinesh with Coach Pani 'Sir'
Me with Coach Pani ‘Sir’

And I feel very lucky to have met  Pani Sir and one of the most accomplished runners’ group in Bangalore, Pacemakers. As a result of this, a person who never had these crazy thoughts of running a marathon or half-marathon till one year back, recently ran a 90-minute half marathon. I feel hopeful that some day I’ll figure out, why I actually do  run.

At the Ajmera Thump
At the Ajmera Thump

Cycling has been my childhood love. Cycling links the adult in me to the child I once was. I spent my childhood playing outdoors, taking my bike to my fields and eating lot of sugar cane.  While I miss all that I feel good to be back on the saddle and pedal off to places.

Apart from running and cycling, I work at IBM.

With MeraTeraRRRun, I am taking this great opportunity to bring out the hidden adventurer in me and of course to support these amazing ultra runners to achieve their targets during this beautiful journey and help them to raise awareness and funds for Rejuvenate India Movement (RIM).

And what better way would be to end this dream year which has literally changed my life.

I am just starting to listen to my heart, let’s see where it will take me.

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