An IT guy by profession and a wanderer at heart would be a fair way to describe me. The idea of discovering new places, people, food, sights and sounds excites me no end. I love photography. My fascination with the camera started off with my first point & shoot as a kid. It was but natural that the experience of the outdoors only became better with a camera in hand.

When Jagdish shared the idea of Mera Teraah RRRun, three things struck me – the idea of train travel, an exciting photo project opportunity and most importantly,  the underlying purpose of the run itself. It was too good to resist and somewhere the impact it would have and the difference it could create for my fellow countrymen, pulled me towards this wonderful concept.

The assurance that this purpose will be well served under the able hands of Rejuvenate India Movement gives me a sense of responsibility and pride to be part of this unique experience. My fellow yatris, whose endeavour to run 13 miles on 13 consecutive days is motivation enough for me to hop on the train and provide them with all the support and encouragement to make their efforts a bit more memorable.

MTR 2014 also inspired me to take up running. I am in love of ultra running now. Recently I ran from Bangalore to Mysore in a 3 days stage ultra. Needless to say, I will be a running photographer this year in MTR.