Occasional engineer, occasional writer, obsessed runner, passionate traveller, full time human being – that is how I like to describe myself.

I love the outdoors. It is this love that has led me to pursue running, trekking and cycling. The traveler in me keeps finding new avenues to get out there and date the unseen and unknown.

For the longest time, the runner in me was in hibernation. The awakening came when I registered for the inaugural Bangalore World 10K, though I must confess that the initial motivation was not running but charity. Parikrma NGO set a stall in my office to encourage people to register for the event and contribute for their good cause. I took up the challenge to get myself trained to run 10K run in less than two months. Little did I know that it would become a passion in the years to come.

MTR 2014 was a such a great experience that my whole annual travel plans now revolve around MTR. The goodwill and generosity we experienced across the country was a proof enough that people care for the right intentions and causes. It reinforced my belief in the inherent goodness of the people. With MTR 2015, we hope to repeat the same at a bigger scale and support different causes which are close to our hearts.