I have been living in the USA since the last 15 years and have been active in the running community where I  live (Folsom, California — 100 miles East of San Francisco).guru_run My wife and I are both runners and have completed over a dozen half marathons. We train beginners who are interested in running. Having completed several half marathons, I got motivated to run further and attempted a full marathon. San Francisco Marathon in July 2014 was my first full and once done, like we all do, I got addicted to running full marathons. I have completed 3 FMs (including Bengaluru Marathon for which I came all the way from US to be part of the first edition. I was born and raised in Bangalore, so I wanted to be part of the first edition of what was happening in my hometown) and I am in the process of completing 4 more before February 2015. I am also running an ultra in April 2015 in the USA called American River 50 which is from Auburn, CA to Sacramento, CA. My ultimate goal is to attempt a 100 miler in 2016.



I enjoy travelling, hiking and adventurous trips.

I have gone to Peru to hike to Machu Picchu; gone to China and hiked on the Great Wall of China  and have also hiked at Lake Tahoe and Yosemite several times

Charity begins at a very early age. I have been very supportive of many non profits right from my childhood. My family has been supporting Seva Sadana in Malleshwaram, Bangalore for over 50 years and I was actively engaged in projects for several NGOs in Bangalore while I still lived in India. This continued after I moved to the USA and I  worked on initiatives for American Cancer Society (Relay for Life to raise money towards cancer research), Blue Planet Foundation (providing safe drinking water in 26 countries), American Alzheimer’s Association etc.,

During my recent visit to India I met  Jagdish and was motivated by the RIM initiative. I volunteered to be a part of the Mera Terrah Run and to travel with the team to run and support them on their journey. I have set a fund raising goal of INR 1,25,000 and actively working through my network to help raise money for a good cause.

Guru exceeded his fund raising goal and raised INR 1,44,401!!!

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