14257635_640915902733379_8120953940129562846_oI am another one of those million IT professionals in Bangalore making his bread and butter sitting in front of a monitor day in and day out. However, I am also a passionate long distance runner and I run before I go to work so that I can keep my engine running.
Long distance running came to my life by chance. There was no one who inspired me to run long distances but yes, after getting into this as a hobby there are countless people who inspire. You may be reading this and you may be one who inspires me.

There are 2 incidents which I can look back at and say today that yes, this is where it started.

1. A friend had challenged me to run 2 km. to my friend’s home from college during my final semester of engineering. I ran to and fro with just a water break when i reached my friend’s house. Also, there was a lake 900 meters in circumference around which i ran 10 times one fine day. Till this point i had no clue long distance running events happened in India. This was 2011 and in Chennai.

2. Fast forward….. 2012….Delhi… My first job, a close friend wanted me to join the gym. I was not really interested, however decided to do the doctor check up to get the go-ahead to join the gym. They had rejected the first time citing I have a high BP. I still do have. Finally I got the green light with the second checkup turning up fine. So, now what do I do in the gym. I hit the treadmill, 15 mints, 30 mints, 1 hour, 100 mints and I used to keep running nonstop till someone shouted out in disgust that I should go run on the roads. And so it started…

I registered for the Airtel Delhi half marathon 2012 and completed my first official event on 30th September, 2012. And there was no stopping after that. In 2013, I came back to Chennai to do mu post-graduation and the running continued. I must have traveled to most number of places in my life during my 2 years of post-graduation and i did this without missing a single class. As luck would have had it, most events happened on Sundays. Two years down the line, I came down to Bangalore for my second job and I joined a running group here for a focused approach to running.

13323792_614939721989457_2414381248123948458_oPeople often ask why do I ran, if I am mad to run such long distances. Initially, I wouldn’t have an answer, but now 4 years down the line I have a lot of answers:

1. I run because I can, I want to see how long I can go. I have come to realize that a dedicated approach is required to become better as a runner.
2. I run because I get to meet new people from different walks of life, people of all ages, people who inspire, people who care, etc. etc.
3. I run because I get to see new places and travel the world. (Yet to venture out of India though)
4. I run because I get to eat new cuisines in different locations.
5. I run because I want people to understand that if I can, you can too.
6. I run because I get to see natural beauty in its purest form.

And these are the reasons I wanted to join Mera Tera run as I am getting all of the above and also we are running for a noble cause. Not everyday you get to run to help someone in need. I am really looking forward to the yatra this year and I hope we will make a lot of good memories, have a lot of fun, run a lot of miles, eat a lot of food and also be able to carry our message to the nation.