sindhu-raoIt feels like only yesterday I was running behind a thief who stole my brand new phone in an isolated area in Bangalore on my way back from office on a Friday evening. It happened in May, 2013 & I still remember the speed with which I ran for a kilometer, fell twice, screamed at the top of my lungs, begged for help from people who were wondering what happened – because that was the day I realized I could run.
You know that feeling when you are reading an interesting article about someone who did something amazing & then you wish you could do something like that in your life? That happened to me, a year later, while I was reading an interesting article by a woman who mentioned something about running a 10K over the weekend. Before I could change my mind, I signed up for my first 10K! And there has been no looking back ever since! I love running in groups as much as my solo runs. I love traveling & if I can run where I travel – there’s nothing else that can bring a huge smile on my face.
A little about myself
img_20160130_075951Worked in IT industry close to 4 years before taking a big leap of faith in myself to quit & try something else. I realized I may not be able to take part in any more races considering the financial stability I was about to lose, So I signed up ( paid registration fee, accommodation & transport ) for two outstation runs that moment before signing the notice period. More than feeling uncomfortable for the job that I had just quit, I was happy to have secured my spot in races.
I am currently working with F5 Escapes, a travel startup redefining women travel in India. My role not only supports women who wish to take a break from routine & travel but also gives me enough flexibility to travel to various locations in India.
When I posted a query on runners group asking for places to run on weekends in Bangalore, it was Jaggi da who introduced me to GKVK. When Jaggi da & Sindhu announced MTR Plus ( 2015 ) for people who couldn’t join the MTR Yatra, yet you could support them by running wherever you are and dedicate it to MTR runners – I took up on this opportunity to run & write regularly about my everyday running experience. Some days, it was about running into another MTR Plus Yatri & some days, it was about learning a new lesson.
I believe each one of us is an influencer in our own unique ways. I would like to take this opportunity to understand as much as I can about millets & spread awareness. A chance to meet farmers & organizations in different cities will provide us a great deal of information about Millets that we may probably not find on Google!
From what I am told, the 13 – day train journey with MTR team is all about fun, fun & fun! Look forward to it!