Col_KrishnaI like to be called a serious – casual runner. I have never been a keen sportsman, but have played everything from Golf to Kabbadi. As a child, I had always dreamt of the profession of arms and am now serving since the last 24 years in an institution with the motto Service before Self.

Having traveled the length and breadth of the Nation and having stared death in its eyes on a couple of occasions, I realized that a life of even 80 to 100 years was too short to live and serve. The awakening to stay fit and control various life style diseases that had onset led me to get back into my running shoes.

The association with PaceMakers and Mr KC Pani was an eventful turn of events. The beginning of a new chapter of running thus commenced a couple of years ago and has made me feel fitter, younger and cheerful than ever before.

My association with Jaggi da in MTR-2014 did help me realize that a dream to serve selflessly was also possible through running and thus saw me transform into a Yatri in MTR-2015.

The pleasure to live for others has ever been the raison d’etre, and the journey continues…

One thought on “Yatri – Srikrishna Vaidyalingam

  1. Arun Rajaraman says:

    Col Krishna is a gentleman! I am privileged to train with him. He is a true leader, motivator and a good runner. Here’s wishing him luck for MTR 2015.


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