My interest in running dates back to my schooling days. I was always inclined towards sports and enjoyed playing basketball, volleyball, football, etc. My school coach recognized my interest in athletics therefore encouraged me to pursue the same in a bigger way. He soon started to formally train me and from thereon I realized my passion for running.

While in school I participated in all short distance races and won a medal for every single event, because of which I was awarded the ‘Best Athlete of The Year’ for 4 years in a row. I represented my school in various inter school athletic meets and won medals for the 400 mtrs and 800 mtrs races for 4 years in a row. My achievements in the inter school competitions enabled me to get admission in one of the best colleges in Mumbai through the sports quota. I continued my running and represented my college at various intercollegiate athletic meets. It was while in college that I had the opportunity to represent Maharashtra state in the 400 mtrs event at the National Games.

After graduation I took up a professional course in apparel manufacturing and focused on completing the same. With a job in hand, running took a backseat. A new project saw me moving to Bangalore in 2006. It was here that I first got introduced to RFL in 2008. My introduction to long distance running was through RFL. I have run in several 10k, 20 half marathons, 14 full marathons and 4 ultra marathons since then. I am currently training for a 24 hour run in Nov’14.

Being part of amazing groups has been extremely encouraging and motivating for me. I am fortunate to be a part of the running group PaceMakers which is headed by coach Pani. He has taught me to run right and build a runner’s attitude, which is of utmost importance for a long distance runner.

With Mera Terah RRRun, I want to push my limits as a runner and in the bargain contribute to this noble cause as much as possible. So far I have trained and participated in events for personal goals and timings. But the Mera Terah run will give me an opportunity to run for a good cause. I am hopeful that Jagdish and I will achieve the target that we have set for ourselves.