Bharat Ramanath

September 28, 2015

Bharat RPeople sometimes ask me, ‘When did you start running and why?’ As a 42 year old, I am guessing that the correct answer to that would be, ‘About 41 years ago! And because it probably was exhilarating and drove my parents up the wall!’

A more apt question to ask people would be ‘When did you stop running and why?’

Look at any small kid running and you notice a gleam of joy in the eye and possibly sweat and grime on the face. And fascinatingly, both are equally visible! Ah, the pleasures of childhood!

Somewhere along the way, we forget the simple elemental pleasures of uncomplicated activity.

Sometimes, we remember the activity, but get caught up in the urge to compete- with ourselves, with others, with the clock!

So when a run comes along which is principally about connecting with the pure and simple joy of just going out and running in beautiful places with no thoughts of timing or racing, it is a relatively easy thing to jump on the band-wagon. And what could be better than undertaking this wonderful journey in the company of like-minded friends?

In addition to the pleasure factor, the possibility of helping causes that would impact society positively -by supporting carefully chosen organizations working tirelessly in the social and environmental sectors-makes the MeraTerahRun a compelling proposition!

I have been a reasonably active individual all my life. Besides running (which off-late has almost become a badge which screams, ‘Mid-Life Crisis. Desperately seeking Validation!'), I have trekked in the Himalayas; have done the Inca Trail to Machu Pichchu and have summited Mt. Kilimanjaro. I am now reliving many fond childhood memories, by growing up once again with my 9 year old son! As of now, I still have decent cachet with him and my ‘cool-quotient’ is adequately high. It is a matter of a few years before a teen-age son refuses to acknowledge my existence and a long-suffering wife takes the cue from him. At that point, I shall take up Ultra- marathoning!

Yes, I have my life figured out!