Rajesh Jana

September 28, 2015

Rajesh JanaStarted running career in 2009 with first 10K being Nike plus Human race. Followed it up with couple of other 10K’s next year but was not really much into running.

That’s when I moved to Hebbal and got in touch with awesome bunch of runners @ GKVK and started being part of their weekend long runs.

I was amazed when I heard of folks running more than 25kms and considered it insane, never knowing that I would myself be part of this insanity down the lane. KTM 2010 was my first half marathon and I struggled to finish it in 2:22:25. I was humbled by the distance. 2011 was pretty much in slumber with crazy work schedules and little or no running.

Actively started running from 2012 and memories of 12 hr walk with Jaggi da and group are still very much fresh.

Things changed drastically and from start of 2013, I can count number of days which would have passed by without my daily dose of run(  count < 10 days) and it continues till date. Inspired by Jaggi da’s 12M12M, attempted to do a 52H52W (52 half marathons in 52 weeks) in 2013 but unfortunately managed doing only 40. 2014 was an equally rewarding year for me with my first full marathon (Bangalore Marathon) & first Ultra (Bangalore Ultra) coming along. More importantly made some amazing friends like Guru while in US and that’s something which would be cherished lifelong. Back in India, most of weekend runs are with my gang, Soles of Bangalore and happy to help out folks who are new to running.

I have been following MTR quite closely since it’s inception and I loved the whole concept of traveling and raising funds through running for a great cause. I know a bunch of Yatris and I know for sure they are THE BEST of friends you can ever have. Each one of them is a gem of human being and is indeed a privelege to embark on this journey with them. So three simple things which are USP for MTR..Love for running.., love the camaraderie & support the cause.

I live with a dream to finish a marathon along with my daughter Yukta(she’s going to be 4 pretty soon)..So long way to go & miles to run before I sleep….